Feb 18, 2013

little bites of happy

Grace and her new hair cut

Luka and his new lid

Treats from Australia- bless Leonie and her kind heart

Unusual calm in the early morning! 

Mini-me crochet

 Learning to join squares and soothing washcloth creating

Help arrives, jetlaged after a long flight from South Africa. My aunt. We are so happy...

Joining in with Meg and Elizabeth



  1. your children are beautiful xx

  2. I'm loving and smiling at your craftiness
    So glad your Aunty is here - may she bring you respite -
    See you Friday xxx

  3. Lots to love, so lovely to see the happiness xx

  4. Yay for some special times in the midst of a rough patch, may there be many more... those kidlets are just gorgeous!

    Thanks for linking in!

  5. Hey lovely lady thanks for joining in. Love that you have much to be grateful for despite the storm clouds raging around you. You are so loved and prayed for xx

  6. Loving your special treats, your gorgeous kiddos and for help being closer to hand xx


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