Feb 20, 2013

washcloths and a winner

I have made a sweet little pile of washcloths lately. From my granny square book in pure cotton they are quick and easy and very satisfying. The grey cotton seems to crochet more loosely than the coloured ones so I am keeping the grey washcloths for us. They are great to use and the kids love scrubbing their small selves with them!

The winner of the Treat giveaway is *drumroll* Weza. Nice one Weza! Send me your details and I will post it all off to you (samantha(at)khaya(dot)co(dot)nz)

Watch out for the next giveaway on Saturday! EAT giveaway. Yummo.

Joining in with Leonie (or I will be tomorrow-ha!)

 Show & Tell Thursday's


  1. Nothing better than handmade goodness used as such an useful everyday item....and in such gorgeous gelato colours too :)

  2. Congrats Weza - love those washcloths, very pretty!

  3. Such a great idea, I may try make some today although im still learning with my crochet. But its great to make your own and not buy any! Found you at show n tell!

  4. Love the colours of these gorgeous dishcloths!

  5. Yay yay yay I cant believe I missed this. I am going to enjoy all of these i tell you. I esp cant wait to try the wash cloth. Truly. I've seen a few people crocheting these and I have wondered what they are like to use, and now I will know. Thankyou. xxx


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