Mar 20, 2013

little bites of happy

My Dad was admitted to hospital yesterday, unresponsive and out of it. They were about to call us all in when he rallied. He's a fighter, that one. Things are still dire though. So when days are black and I need 3 shots of tequila to even sleep, I like to think about happy things.

Like the pre-dawn thump at the end of the bed that signals Grace has arrived. She walks to my side and tosses her three stuffed lions up onto the bed. They usually hit me in the face and I am awake. I put out an arm to help and a small, stick-limbed person clambers up and into the bed. She uses her tiny pointy elbows to maneuver me aside until our heads like side by side on my pillow.  I take her small hand in mine and trace each finger in the half light. I touch her little soft cheek as she chatters.

And all is good in my world.


  1. Aw hon....what a day - bless ya heaps today, I'm thinking of you. Seeing that gorgeous wee face would make all the world of difference if I were her mama too xx

  2. lots of love beautiful lady.... with you in spirit xxx

  3. I'd totally hug you (again) :)
    Big loves Sammy.
    And that little a Grace is a beautiful ray of sunshine x

  4. Oh she's a poppet. Sending some more love your way from me, hang in there honey.

  5. I know that feeling. It is such an emotional rollercoaster. We had a similar situation with my Mum last year. What a beautiful, peaceful way to start your mornings - apart from the lions in the face! It's my favourite part of the day too, when they climb into my bed in the morning before all the boundless energy kicks in. Love to you, friend. x

  6. Lots of Love and Light
    Always my dear darling
    Cat x

  7. Wishing there was more I could do... xxx


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