Mar 1, 2013

loving simple kindness

I treasure really simple things in people. Like kindness. It's in such short supply in our world and so few people are truly kind. And I really need kindness in my life right now. You see, both my parents are terminally ill.

*awkward pause*

Yup, a conversation killer that one. As a family we are so blessed to be surrounded with kindness. Its the thoughts, prayers, texts, meals and love that is keeping us all going. I personally have some amazing friends (this includes you). I am verging on being spoilt with love and kindness.

The latest kindnesses were these little beauties. To feed the body and soul.

Thank you Cat and Meg. I am so grateful xx

And an old friend (who blog stalks) sent me flowers... oh, I love flowers! And she lives in Sydney so it's doubly kind.

Then to top it off Elizabeth sent my sister and I cards with words of wisdom and kindness. You are a honey, Elizabeth xxx

P.S. It's not the fact that these are gifts, I treasure the texts and calls I get too. I just want to thank these women for the thought they have out into their kindness. They are not random things but thoughtful loving gifts. It is truly the thought that counts!

Linking in with Meg x


  1. oh my how lovely and i love that the card has the SAME verse on it that I keep getting for you xxxx

    1. Thank you thank you Miriam. Your prayers mean so much xx

  2. :-)!

    Praying... again, and again, and again!

  3. Awwww, how touching and lovely to hear of beautiful people being so kind and supportive x

  4. simple kindness is such a precious gift
    love to see and hear that you are being surrounded by it

    sending some love and light across the ocean too!

  5. Such beautiful gestures from lovely ladies. My thoughts are with you too x

  6. You are so welcome :-) I think that's SO awesome it's the verse that Miriam has been getting for you as I really did ponder which verse would be right for a while! I'm so glad :-)


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