Mar 29, 2013

mama shawl

MJ has gone to the little holiday house with the kiddies for two days. He is such a support to me right now (well, always) and going to this place restores him. So I am on my own for two days. I may craft myself into a coma.

Being on my own for much of the day today gives me time to reflect on my Saviour. And what He did for me. Paisley Jade's post really says it all.

So. I made my Mom a shawl. She's always cold. This is a blanket for her shoulders- she loves it which makes me very happy. 

I used a felted lambs wool in 12ply with a 6.5mm hook. From this book. The yarn is wonderfully soft and crochets like a dream. Except when you want to unravel. Which I did on my practice shawl (in teal- oh yum) and then it acts like the devil. Luckily by the time I did my Mom's shaw I had remembered to actually count the stitches in each row so it went swimmingly.

 Show & Tell Thursday's

Linking up with the gorgeous Leonie. Funny story about Leonie and how thoughtful she is.

We had a blogger coffee and another blogger friend asked what she could do for me right now. She suggested a meal and then laughed and said that she has a bottle of gin and would I like it. I said yes please, much better than a meal (joking, kind of, let's not go there)

A couple of days later a courier box arrives with.... a bottle of gin and 4 bottles of tonic water! With a card that says "Better than a meal", love from Leonie. I laughed so hard! It was so thoughtful, kind and very very funny.

I feel so blessed to be part of the blogging community. Honestly, you girls are the best xxx


  1. ROFLMAO I LOVE that Leonie girl :)
    Gorgeous shawl - I still haven't finished mine and OMG I hear you re the unravelling

  2. mmmmmmm G&T is my fave!
    That shawl is beautiful sammy, if you are not careful I may not let you leave chch until you teach me how to crochet!!! (I'll supply the gin) ;) xx

  3. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! It looks gorgeous on her.
    Bless Leonie, she's a star isn't she?!

  4. So gorgeous Sammy and it looks fab on her :). What a great job! Hope youre enjoying your "meals" :p and have a wonderfully relaxing weekend xx

  5. Hey I like Widges Idea too! Looks lovely on your pretty mummy

  6. Beautiful colour. It will be so warm. Very inspiring.

  7. Beautiful Mama and beautiful friends xx

  8. That is beautiful and the colour looks lovely on your mum :) And Leonie man shes a hoot! love it :)

  9. ps: forgot to say thankyou again for my little package..perfect! :)

  10. Love Widges comment btw
    We will conquer the world - one crochet hook at a time


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