Mar 9, 2013

my children

One of my favorite bloggers, Kelle Hampton,  is hosting guest bloggers post on her blog while she's looking after a new born. This post by Melina Coogan from the Wilder Coast sums up for me better than I have heard anywhere the longing to have children. I waited 6 years for children and while my journey was very different to Melina's, she expresses what I felt so well...

"I’ve dreamt about having babies since I was three. I can picture exactly what they will look like, smell like, sound like. I’ve felt their warmth, their weight in my arms. I’ve named my daughter. I’ve named my son. Sometimes I feel like they’re already here, waiting in the wings, whispering for me to be careful, take it easy, turn back early, the conditions are getting dangerous, the river is too high. We’re just around the corner, they whisper, holding my face in their invisible hands. Please hold out for us."

I love my children from somewhere so deep I had no idea it existed before they arrived.  I am so grateful to be a mother and every single day I look at these children that God matched me with, and all I see is His goodness.

I know what it is to long for a child so much that the the longing becomes part of your being. Then I  know what it's like to hold a day old baby for the first time and feel a love ignite that takes your breath away.

I know the joy of pregnancy and what it is to be the first to hold a new life. To feel the same love as the first time ignite and a whole new part of my heart grow to hold it.

 Because I know what it's like to be without them, I can never stop being thankful that they are here.

My children, my beautiful blessings.


  1. beautiful

    a mothers heart is like a gold mine of wealth
    never ending
    always shining
    precious beyond worth

    loved this post Sammy
    now I have to go hug my kids!!!

    love and light

  2. Beautiful, Sammy. They are such incredible gifts, our children!

  3. Just gorgeous Sammy - you just don't know how much a child fills your heart until you have them do you. I am amazed daily. Beautiful post x (ps love Kelle Hampton - she is such an awesome writer and photographer!)

  4. Sammy
    Whilst I don't know your journey *hugs* you know I too had a journey
    Our children are miracles and we are blessed
    Love you big

  5. Thank you.

    Your children are so beautiful.


  6. This is a beautiful post Sammy! I read Kelle's blog too and this guest post as well - then I spent an hour or two reading through Melina's archives! Children are the best thing. A blessing it's hard to even really fathom until they are given to you. I love the way you say "these children God matched me with" because that is true whether adopted or not. I am adopted and I see God's hand in placing me in my family, just as I see God's hand in giving me my children. Beautiful, that's what it is.

  7. It's so weird to see a blogger whose journey I have followed for a while - and whose blog I considered a private little venture, very well written and sort of a hidden secret - suddenly go "bang!" up into the blogosphere. There are all these people linking to Melina's blog now and I'm going: what, you were reading her blog too? Really? It's like I've been sitting watching this concert and I knew all along that there were 300 other people there - because they were sitting in front of me and I could see them - but suddenly I realize that there's also twenty thousand (or whatever, a fucking big number) sitting behind me as well, because they stand up and applaud and scream "Bravo!" And I'm, like: whoa, guys, where did you come from?

    So weird. But she's so wonderful, isn't she?


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