Apr 29, 2013


Sometimes I feel like Mr Plod when it comes to techy things. Add to that I am a late adopter of all things technical and I feel myself freezing inside when people talk about blog loving vs Google friends.

However, time to put my big girl undies on and make the move...Thank goodness for Simone and her tutorial on how to "do" bloglovin"!!

So please follow me there? (Handy Simone made button on the sidebar to help x)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin


  1. following...!
    Hey anytime you want buttons for your blog or anything, you cn call on me. I may not think to courier you G&T's but I can do buttons.
    (If you want some cosial media ones I couldototally make you some to match. Let me know. Like a Twitter/FB/Email/RSS/Blogloving/Instagram etc button. I have a few sleek and lovely ones that would be very easy to adapt to your design x


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