Apr 30, 2013


I my work-world I find that some people have a tendency towards familiarity. Where after a they have known me for a while they start to treat me with a little less respect. You know, the emails get a little snappy at times and there's a bit of rudeness in communication. I am a very (very) small business owner and I just can't afford to get over familiar. So it drives me crazy.

Recently then there's been an instance in my home world where over familiarity has again bitten me in the behind. And I am over it. But then the thought struck me, am I over familiar with my loved ones? My husband and kiddies. And sad, to say the answer is yes. So I am trying to be less familiar. More polite and gracious. Treat them as they deserve, which is as the most important people in my world.

Joining in with the ever lovely Miriam x. Thank you Miriam for making me think about how I can be the best Mama for my kiddies.

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  1. So agree Sammy - I can be downright rude in behaviour and speech at times in my home...thanks for the reminder. Small steps xxx thanks for linking in too and your lovely comment. Wouldn't it be the best thing ever if we could inspire each other to give mothering our best? xxx

  2. I hear ya and know exactly what you're saying. I have a few painful experiences with it - awful. Go you with being mindful in your approach with your family x

  3. So agree. It takes huge effort and mindfulness. xx

  4. A good reminder friend - one that has been on my heart since returning to work - working with children! Giving them my best, then coming home and giving MY two better than my best!! It's exhausting , but so important!

  5. A lovely reminder Sammy, thank you. x

  6. Miss you Sammy.
    Culd do with a bit of familiarity round here... the RIGHT kind I mean.
    Not the rude "take you for granted" kind... but the "I miss my friend and wish I saw her more often" kind

  7. Yes Sammy I hear you
    I get clients who message me WELL after hours and in the weekends
    But it is my own fault - I reply!
    Need to stop that
    Love you my friend


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