Apr 16, 2013

life journey

This morning Grace was up far too early. So fell asleep again when she should have been getting up. I snuggled Luka on a chair with a book while we waited for Grace to wake up. The book? His life book.

This amazing book (My Book from Parents Inc) documents his life from the time he was in utero. With pictures, cards and letters he can trace the story of how he came to be. As an adopted child we believe that this is incredibly important.

I want to continually create quiet moments for Luka and Grace where they can sit and reflect on their own special journeys through their own unique books.

Joining in with the amazing Miriam x

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  1. Oh gosh I MUST get ours out of the boxes and do some work on them. Kids off to grandparents for some of the holidays so I will get started. I made them awesome baby books which covered the first five years but also have these ones.


  2. I must do that...for the last two kids anyway...I did it for Miss Joy then got slack!

  3. I love these kind of books. So glad i did one for my 3 year old who has become facinated with her own babyhood since her little brother came along. So good for helping kids form their own 'story' mentally, a strong place to grow from x

  4. I love these... I did early books but I am planning to add now to these ones. So precious, Thanks for joining in sweet, sweet lady x

  5. So lovely - books like these are special x

  6. My kids love their photo/picture books and constantly peruse them... it's a great record of memories etc huh??

  7. so beautiful Sammy
    you are an amazing mama

    love and light

  8. This is lovely for him to have :)


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