Apr 15, 2013

my weekend

I loved the bloggers conference. Every last bit of it. It was like a big blanket- warm, inviting and inclusive. I arrived emotionally empty and left emotionally full. I didn't seem to do much other than sit on my bottom in cafes, eating and drinking, doing crochet and talking. And I loved it.

I feel encouraged and supported by a vibrant and energetic blogging community. And I am even more in love with New Zealand. We are a pretty fantastic bunch of people.

So, no fancy pants photos from me and very little news other than I frequented quite a few cafes. Oh Make cafe, I love every inch of you. I met some new brand new friends, in particular Lisa (Big Little), Tania (Tall Pipi) and Justyn (Dunia Duara). You girls are just lovely. But then we were all lovely.

And I got so loved and spoiled at the conference- but that needs to wait for another post as it's just that fabulous...

Some of the north of the Bombay crew (and Widgie- the honorary Aucklander!)
L-R Simone, Widgie, Kristy, Megs, Rachel, Jacks, Gail and moi.

The actual conference workshop morning...

I seriously love this woman, I think you can tell...

 Cat, Tania and Gail (these girls rock)

Cheers, well done Christchurch! You were super stars!


  1. Loved meeting you Sammy, it was a great weekend wasn't it :) See you at craft night sometime soon, Lisa x

  2. It was delightful to meet you! The Simple Life is lovely and I am pleased to put faces to the husband and wee ones that I got to hear about!

  3. and you, and you so, so glad it was good for your emotional well xxx

  4. It was nice to meet you briefly! So glad you enjoyed it. I look forward to reading more of your blog :-)

  5. loved getting to know you a lot better too this weekend Sammy.

  6. Was such a blessing meeting you. Love you to bits! xxx

  7. Love!! Thank you for blessing me so much :) You're so beautiful Sammy, it was a real pleasure xxx

  8. Thank you for coming and thank you for getting into the spirit of it so completely. Glad to hear that it was what you needed- come again sooooon!!! (please!)

  9. You are such a treasure Sammy - loved spending time with you, and seeing you get time to relax, enjoy yourself and have a bit of fun. xoxo

  10. I love you more each time I meet you lovely lady. I am so glad that you were able to be here amongst friends and top up your tank. Near or far, we are always here for you xx


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