Apr 23, 2013

night time

I have super high expectations of myself. And I am trying so hard not to project high expectations on to my children. It's a struggle for me.

So we have backed right off night time toilet training. I toilet trained Luka for awake times at 14 months. He is smart and loved being free of nappies. But I didn't want to pressure him for night times. So time has crept on and on and still he was wearing nappies at night.

Late last week he suddenly announced that he's nearly five and a big boy. Big boys don't wear nappies anymore. This took us all by surprise! He did it and has done 4 nights out of 5 completely dry. He was ready and he decided he would do it. 

Lesson for me? It's a good thing to chillax and the child will do it when he's good and ready. 

Joining in with Miriam x

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  1. Good on you Sammy. We were the same with our oldest (they must be the same age? Elliot is 5 in June.) - dry in the day time for a while and no pressure on the night time. He's gone night-dry in the last month or two. I think there 'should be' no pressure to toilet train - every child is different and forcing it never works. Yay for having one child out of nappies!! x

  2. awesome for you. I always left the night time thing as I know a lot of school children still have issues but gosh the boys felt so proud of themselves when they were dry. It's so nice to celebrate their timing rather than push for ours. xx

  3. Good for you for just chilling out... and they all are different! My eldest was totally nappy free when he turned 3, but my youngest is going to be 4 this weekend, and she is mostly good... can do a week or even 2 weeks with a dry bed, but then has the odd hiccup... I don't mind letting her go nappy free at our place, but when we're away at my mums or brothers etc, I just put a nap back on her.... I figure we'll just "go with the flow" and before long she'll be totally nappy free :)

  4. Awesome!! My three oldest were all around 4 ish but our baby was dry at nights at 2 - so every child is different!


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