Apr 18, 2013

my hug quilt

So my parents are really ill. It started with my Mom's struggle with lung cancer and then suddenly in January my Dad was diagnosed with a highly aggressive brain cancer. It's been full on. I am actually ok emotionally and feel graced for the season. Well, I am fine other than insomnia and my hair falling out, haha! Not really funny I guess. But I feel ok most of the time, sort of.

I have been enveloped with love from my blogging friends. Letters, cards, love packages, gin & tonics, emails, texts, flowers and more. And when I read this post by Juliet about a quilt they were making  "for someone" all I thought was that the colours were beautiful.

But it was for me!

On Friday night my darling friend Cat beckoned me away from the merry blogging crowd and into a back room where Juliet was waiting. They presented me with this incredible quilt hand made with such love. I cried a lot. Who does this kind of thing? It's just so kind.

I have never had a quilt or even had close contact with one and all I can say is that it's absolutely beautiful. Each block was made by a quilter and sent to Juliet along with an extra block with a message for the back. Cat also sent these tiny blocks from a  swop she did years ago. See? Kind.

Oh and Megs, who like me does not do quilting sent money for the materials. Now how kind is that??

All I am doing right now is cuddling under it. Whenever I sit down. Because I think it will be with me for a little while and then go away and come back. I want my Dad to snuggle under it as things progress.

Thank you so much Cat, Leonie, Leonie, Juliet, Leeann, Miriam, Deb, Megs, Laura and Treena-Marie. You are simply amazing.

Juliet tells the story of the quilt here.

Linking in with my lovely friend Leonie x

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  1. Oh Sammy this just brings tears to my eyes. What a beautiful gift, thoughtfully made to send a message of love and comfort. xxx

  2. I love how a quilt especially made carries the weight of love and support with it xxx

  3. Oh what a beautiful gift.. and how blessed to be thought about and loved on... it makes it special when people bless you like that to show you how loved and cared about you are....
    xxxx Love lots xxxx

  4. Totally deserved, lots of love xx

  5. All of my love - always xxx

  6. Sammy this made me all teary. What lovely women to bless you with something so special. xx

  7. So deserved and what a beautiful job Juliet did putting it all together. You will treasure it forever Sammy xxx


  8. So glad you had the love tank filled this weekend

  9. Oh Sammy, that is beautiful! What a lovely thing to do. You are so loved. We talked about a lot of things on the weekend, but not about your parents. Praying for lots of strength for you and your parents. xxx

  10. Love that you are getting so much enjoyment from it, and I love the idea that you will give your Dad time with it....beautiful xxx

  11. What a very special thing to have been done by your very special friends. xx

  12. Blessed to be a blessing. I am so glad I was there when you got it xx


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