Apr 11, 2013

shoe happy

The kiddies share a room and so I am always after clever ways to store their stuff. About 18months ago I found this super ugly shoe hanger system. It came in black or grey so really no choice. It has sat like a big black blob on their cupboard door since. But when it started falling apart, I saw my chance!

I made a new lovely, neutral, light one. No pattern, I used the old one and increased it by one shoe slot down the side. I used two types of canvas to try and give it a bit more strength but in retrospect I could have used a thicker canvas for the shoe slots. My little plastic sewing machine may have died though!

I lowered the whole holder so Grace can reach her shoes at the bottom and Luka has the rows that are higher...

I love how this turned out but would not be keen to do it again, ha! I need to tone down the perfectionist gene as this took far too long. Still, it makes me happy every time I walk in the room!

Joining in with my friend Leonie x

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  1. Great job! It is so cute and fresh. Love it.

  2. You are awesome look at you go!

  3. That is BRILLIANT! What a great job you did!

  4. It's super cute! I love it, so much nicer than the grey one.
    Well done!

  5. What a fab job and it looks great! Go you!!

  6. that looks fab! what a great idea - and so much prettier than the old one!

  7. Well done! You can see the perfection in the close ups too. x

  8. What a great job you did! I cheated and bought 2 shallow but big bins that I slide under the kids bed for them to throw their shoes in! :) That looks lovely though


  9. such a great job! Some times it takes something falling apart for us to actually do what we would love to do huh! x


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