Apr 4, 2013

the dog house

As I am a creative being (in work and home), I am trying to be a more creative Mama. On the way to pre-school one day last week Luka talked about a house for his dog. I suggested we make one and got these ready for Luka and Grace to paint on when they got home that day. They loved them! Score 1 for me, hehe!

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  1. Perfect ! And a great idea to keep them entertained.... I know my lil miss would get a kick out of that :-)

  2. cute - love that you are bringing your creativity home :o)

  3. Oh lovely. So nice to do that stuff while they're little. x

  4. Boxes are awesome! Love this - great idea and it keeps them entertained for ages! x

  5. This is so sweet
    I made a robot for Philosopher once and he loved it
    Shows it really is the simple things which bring them so much joy
    You could link this in with Miriam and BMWB as well ::)) double linky
    Looking forward to seeing you xx

  6. visiting from show and tell. This is very cool

  7. Cute! Great idea, I bet the little ones had heaps of fun :)

  8. Boxes are great imagination builders huh? Awesome idea xx


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