May 2, 2013

a badge for Sophie

For the Round the Table conference we were given a swap partners. We needed to make a name badge for our partners and give a small gift. I was given Sophie from Sophie Slim. Cue panic. I am not all that confident in the crafty department and it's Sophie. Hello.

I wanted to make her a singing dancing badge with flashing lights to equal her extreme kindness and all round fabulousness but quickly realised this may be beyond my current skill level. So I did this...

It's a little skew and wonky but was sewn with a lot of love. She liked it, so she said and that's what I am taking as gospel. She liked it (phew)

Linking with Leonie (thank the Lord I did not get her as a swap partner, did you see THIS? I would have died making her a name badge. Love her to pieces but she is a crafty goddess and ever so slightly intimidating in that department!)

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  1. Oh I loved Sophie's name badge - you did GOOD, and I hear you on Leonie that woman is so amazing. Everything she makes is golden

  2. That is hilarious, I was equally as intimidated and under lots of time pressure. When I saw the badge and gift you had made for me I felt like such a fool handing mine over *sigh*

    My Sophie badge is being displayed proudly right infront of me right now, I love it :)

    THANK YOU xxxx

  3. P.s, I really dont think my name deserves to be bolded and in italics!

    1. Totally deserved Sophie, you are incredible x

  4. Beautiful name badge. I love how many of you were freaking out about the name badges and came up with beautiful creations. I know I would have been quietly freaking too :) But you're all so creative!!

  5. *giggle* you made me smile
    so much creativity and each and every badge was made beautifully
    I loved what you made for Sophie

  6. I love your name badge! Very cute, clever and beautifully made x And seriously - you guys are starting to make me feel intimidated by myself! You all inspire me and I am in awe of the things you make xx

  7. An awesome badge to and from two awesome ladies. xx

  8. I wasn't there but have enjoyed seeing all the creative badges in blog posts. I love what you did. Simple but effective. Cx

  9. I've not been ignoring your blog. I've been loving your posts, I've just been having problems loading intense debate for some reason. Love the badge that you made and chuckling about how you two intimidated each other!


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