May 7, 2013

new term

Here we are in the new school term. And I am so glad to be here! I miss the kids a lot but these holidays were crazy. Doctors and optometrists and specialists and appointments and work and birthdays and my parents....I felt like I hardly had any good quality time with the kiddies. I feel like I have more one on one time with them during the term. Go figure.

So here we go, the winter term. Love it!

Welcome to Mr Luka and his new look! He left eye has extremely poor focus so we discovered, and we spent lots of time at the optometrist and paediatric opthalmologist. He is rocking his new glasses mainly because he can finally see properly. They are (of course) adidas All Black ones. Naturally.

The chilly season is here and we love it. Next week we celebrate Grace's third birthday and K, Luka's birthmother, is flying in to stay with us and join the party. Quietly very excited about that, as besides her special connection to us, she really is the most wonderful person. Little Grace is also feeling the strain of learning that she can't rule the roost as an almost 3 year old!

And have joined the party with intense debate, my friend Simone will be proud. Hope it works!

Other than that my Dad has given us a scare with a decline but turns out it's due to the steroid withdrawal. Phew.

Have a wonderful week, my friends!

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