May 26, 2013


Life is crazy & insane and tragic right now. Let's be honest. But there are moments that make the sun shine for me...

 Catching up my bestie's mom while Megs is away in China. How great is that? *I seem to go to a lot of cafe's. I think I may have a problem!)

Taking Grace along for the ride on a work trip into the city. Complete with Starbucks and a trip to the $2 store for sunnies.

Watching my little man at his swimming lesson. He's floating face down!

Grace telling Luka what's what outside church

My son's love affair with boxes continues.

Miss Grace feeling very satisfied with her birthday book from Nana!

So while things can be seen as gloomy I choose to see the storm with flashes of sunlight through the clouds. And that is a beautiful sight!
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