May 28, 2013

the m-word

*disclaimer: this is not a whiney "feel sorry for me" post. I am not terminally ill so really have sweet nothing to complain about.*

I have been feeling rubbish for a long time and it got worse around the time time my Dad was having surgery. I put this down to the stress and got on with it.

But it nagged at me as I should not feel this horrible. So I went along to our third doctor** to talk about it. He ordered 400 blood tests to find out. Ok, it wasn't 400 blood tests but it felt like it. I didn't pass out this time during the blood draw which was great...I was possibly distracted by the fear that my children would leap around the room and cause me injury with the needle by driving it through my whole arm and then my entire body (I have needle issues) .

It turns out that I have glandular fever, really low magnesium levels and am in *cough* menopause. What was that? Oh MENOPAUSE. Great. This all contributes to the many many yucky symptoms I have.

The point of telling all of you this is that I am going to rock menopause. Sorry, menopause. And do my utmost to do it naturally. I have been on progesterone cream for 8 days now and I feel like a new person. More centered and I feel like I can cope again. Which is great for everyone in my house.

And the glandular fever cure is rest and Vic C. The first cure is laughable but I can do lots of Vit C. So here's to feeling better. And looking at this pretty little thing is the first step!

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