Jun 22, 2013


Hey friends. a quick pop in to say hi.

Thanks for all your kind words and prayers in my last post. My Dad is back home, turns out he took too many pills and almost sent himself into a coma. The pills are now hidden.

We have to laugh when we can these days.... my Dad is really confused and called our house at about 4am the other morning. He left a message and this woke the whole house. Luka thought it was an alien (for reals) and was beside himself. It was so so funny- but not for Luka of course!

The days are dark and cold and so we spend lots of time indoors. This little corner of the main living area is one of my favourite spots. I saw how this space could look when we first saw the house and I love how it works the way I imagined. There is a lot of noise, laughter, tears and just plain playing happening in this little corner. Love it.

My Dad went for helicopter flight for his birthday. He loved it. Note my farmer husband and his ever-present winter gumboots.

Luka has started playing rugby league. I use the work playing very loosely here! The game consists of the small boys running in a pack around the field being corralled by their coaches and all chewing their (expensive) mouth guards. All you hear from the sidelines is the coaches shouting "Back in line, boys!" and "Stop chewing your mouthguard!" Again, very very funny...

happy weekend lovely friends x

P.S. I am reading your blogs even though I haven't been commenting xxx

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