Jun 6, 2013

Luka's blanket

Hello poor neglected bloggie friends. Sorry for the silence. Work has been a little mad and then there's my Dad and the family to mop up any spare moments. I can see the light at the end of tunnel though! In the spare moments in between the spare moments I am working on this....

For Luka's 5th birthday. Turning 5 is a BIG deal as it's the end of babyhood and into "proper" childhood when you get to go to school. Big school that is. So I want to create an heirloom for him.

I asked him to pick the colors. Oh boy did he pick the colours, this is so far out of my colour comfort zone! Red, orange, green and blue, please Mama. I am trying to tone the colour kaleidoscope down with the addition of cream and charcoal and then a grey to link all the squares together but I am not sure it's working...

Luka loves it already though so that's all that matters. The yarn is the Loyal brand- 100% machine washable wool in 8 ply. The blanket has a lovely weight to it. I am doing a join-as-you-go method which is going to save me time in the long term and allows me to figure out the square pattern colors ahead of time. As you can imagine I spend half the time figuring them out.

Half way there and loving the journey!!

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  1. Its definatly working! I think it looks great. What a wonderful idea!

  2. good for you for letting him choose that will always be special to him x

  3. I love the colours. I think the charcoal is awesome. I find it utterly amazing that with all you have going on in life you can do this too. Awesome.


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