Jun 12, 2013

The journey of the Hug Quilt

Last night I took my Hug Quilt to my Dad. I wrapped him in it and told him the story of how it came to be and what it means. I told it was made of pure love by loving and amazing girls and will surround him in a big hug every time he is wrapped in it.

This morning he was admitted to hospital. We wait to see the results of a whole lot of tests.

I asked my Mom to take the quilt along and when I arrived I unfolded it and wrapped my Dad in it again. My Mom went over the words written on it and said they gave her strength. We are not sure what we want from here. Hoping that this is minor and we have lots of time but also wanting the best for my Dad and that may be that he goes to his forever home with Jesus. So we wait.

Love that my quilt is there in that bare and sterile place keeping my Dad warm. Thank you again for the most precious gift xxx

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