Jul 19, 2013


We had the best best best holiday (ever). MJ nicknamed us all "the Troop" which does remind me of a bunch of gorillas but maybe that's how we behaved at times???

We stayed in kind and generous Miriam's house in Christchurch. It's just as you imagine- warm and welcoming and colorful. The kind of house you walk into and feel right at home in.

 The kiddies first flights ever. There was excitement...

 Animals in a row and fluffies

We did all sorts of touristy things- the Antarctica centre, spent a night in the mountains and drove to Lyttelton. It was pure magic. We also spent time with K, Luka's birthmother which was also pretty special.

 Our new friends Erik and Atticus (from Happy Feet- names chosen by Luka)

 More coffee. My aunt really is that small. I felt like a giant.

We drank tons of coffee, shopped and adopted two plush penguins. We scootered to the library near Miriam's house a couple of times and ate lots of yummy food.

The Troop

The best part was that my Mom and my aunt had a good time. My Mom slept well and we cushioned her in a little warm bubble so she could just relax. It was so good, friends!

We are refreshed and ready for the next couple of months ahead. And that is a very good thing x

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