Jul 27, 2013

Luka's blanket done!

It's done! Luka's blanket is complete. He is turning 5 this year and 5 is a big deal here in New Zealand. I want him to have an heirloom, something that is hand made. Just for him.

The colours were chosen by Luka and he loves he finishes the blanket. The blanket is a bit "scream-y" but hey, it's for him not me. I completed this in just over 3 months and it has 96 granny squares. The yarn is Loyal machine washable DK/ 8 ply.

I wanted a neutral border to calm the vibrancy of the squares down a bit. I thought I would do a wide band but as I started it I realised the narrow band looked better.

So! My first ever blanket completed and I so enjoyed making it. I love that Luka sleeps under this at night, like he is cuddled by me the whole night though x

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  1. Well done - it looks AMAZING :-)!

    Good on you Sammy!

  2. Oh me Oh my that really is gorgeous
    Well done Sammy xxxxxxx

  3. Thats absolutely beautiful! I love the colours he chose, teamed with the grey its perfectly balanced :))

  4. It is GORGEOUS! I love the colours - they will grow and stay with him til he's all growed up... not babyish at all, so very cool.
    How clever you are Sammy!

  5. That blanket is fantabulous! the colours are lovely and you absolutely chose the right border. It calms things a little, but more than that, it really brings the whole thing together! Well done!
    And I'm glad to hear your little family are finding moments of joy. Things sound like they have been tough for you for awhile, I love that journal you posted about - what fun! (sorry commenting on a whole lot of posts at once!)


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