Jul 7, 2013


Wenderholme park walk in the rain

Life has a certain perfect timing. I don't talk a lot about my faith here but it's a constant in my life. And through these very dark time I see His Hand all the time.

His timing is perfect.

My aunt arrived a week or so ago. Such relief and she immediately got stuck in and put her shoulder to the wheel. A day after she arrived there was a very scary and ugly incident with my Dad. I somehow (His timing) called in the minutes after the incident. I put my Mom on speaker phone and as we tried to find out what had just happened I turned around and saw my aunt walk into the room with her packed bag. In the space of 5 minutes she was on her way to the house with MJ. Perfect timing.

So this week has been a blur of meetings and phone calls. My Dad is now in Hospice with a 24 hour watch. We are safe and he is safe. This has meant that with yet more perfect timing, my Mom and aunt can come away with us.

A generous blog friend is lending us her house in Christchurch. At the time of the offer we could not see how it would work out but gratefully took up the offer. I did all the booking somehow landing up with a bigger rental car than we need and all the accommodation being a lot bigger than we need for our little family of four. Hmm, I can see someone else's Hand in this. Our holiday has expanded to fit 6 people with ease.

I know that everyone looks from the outside into my life and it looks awful. In the natural it truly is. But from here looking out I feel surrounded by Love. He has this under His control. We were never promised an easy life but are we are promised His presence. And that makes all the difference in the world x

Coffee after wet walk in the rain, in Orewa

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  1. I look in at your life and see such a strength that gives testimony to God. Have a refreshing time away. Xoxo

  2. So glad you are having some time away. Such a lovely testimony.

  3. Oh man... so true. I often think that about my friends looking in to my life and thinking... "Oh man.. that's terrible" especially with all the stuff we've been going through the last while... but like yourself, it's surrounded in Love. They only see the natural! I find that times like this is when you HAVE to cleave to the Lord.. to our Daddy God... to get us through, and how can it go wrong if we have him on our side? xxx


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