Aug 13, 2013

an open letter to Mr Key

I don't regard myself as a political person. But sometimes we have to make a stand. A proposed bill which is in the final stages at parliament affects all of us and our children. Here's my stand.

Dear Mr Key

I am asking you to withdraw the proposed GCSB bill.

Your comments about the New Zealand public, those who voted you into power, at the National party conference were insulting. I am well aware of the implications and potential consequences of the GCSB bill. I am well researched, educated and informed. Perhaps this intimidates you and your party and so you are on the defensive. Despite your statement to the contrary, I am not more interested in the snapper quota than this bill.

Your statements that "those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear" are misguided and misleading. It's true that I have nothing to hide. But believing that personal data gathered about me and my family will be held safely and used without corruption is naive.

No government is without corruption Mr Key as you are well aware. Can you guarantee that all information gathered will be securely held and used without prejudice? Didn't think so. No institution or organization should be able to access private information with the prior consent of either the individual or by undergoing a robust legal examination.

I have become increasingly disillusioned with your style of leadership and decision making over the last term you have been in office. At this point, despite coming from a family of life long National supporters, we will not be voting for you or your party next election. Should you gracefully withdraw this bill from parliament we may consider changing our stance on this matter.

Please have the courage and humility to listen to the New Zealand public, Mr Key. You have, either intentionality or unintentionally, misread the mood of the people. Man up, Mr Key and show us you listen.

Thank you


This has been emailed to Mr John Key, Mr Jonathan Coleman, & Mr Peter Dunne. Please make a stand on this and get involved. We have one chance to stop this.

For more information Sophie has an excellent post on the matter too.

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