Aug 20, 2013

arohanui gran

Yesterday we said goodbye to MJ's grandmother. It was a short illness, cancer again. We lost more than a grandmother, we lost a matriarch. The glue that held the family together and brought us into the same space. We all love each other, but we live far apart and the strands that hold cousins together as children are not as strong when adulthood comes along.

In the middle of all the sadness I thought of the 21 little great grandchildren. I am not sure how many were actually there but I think there were about 15 little people. They reminded me that life goes on. They lived yesterday with exuberance and gusto. Running up and down the halls of the funeral home and then stampeding around the RSA, they brought joy and life with them. Gran would have loved watching them.

Arohanui* Gran. We miss you x

*Maori, "aroha" means love and "nui" means big

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