Aug 7, 2013

blog boot camp

Image by Papermoth here

This weekend Vix from VegemiteVix hosted and organised a blog bootcamp. It was sheer awesomeness. We leant so much, it's ridiculous. Although to be fair, I was starting at level "Ignoramous" so could only go up from there.

I met some lovely new-to-me bloggers, Erin from Jogging pants must die, Nat from If only they told me, Rachel from South Sea Island home and Nicky from La Donna Moderna. Plus met Melissa's new baby, she blogs at The Best Nest, her baby is plain gorgeous. And then there were my old blogger maties Lisa, ElizabethMegs and Simone.

There is so much to learn and do and much of what I do needs to be redone or tweeked. But I will start with one thing at a time and get there eventually.

Vix is running another blog camp in Auckland in September and then one in Wellington a bit earlier, end of this month. There's a face book group going, a private one but open to all bloggers. Let one of the girls above know (or me) if you want to join.

So great to be challenged!!

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