Aug 10, 2013


Still very (very) inspired by the blog camp. So going to implement a whole lot of things like a face book page and other bits and prices. And try to post more about what truly inspires me, simple living and natural living. This may be contentious, a small warning, as some of our views are a little out there. But I can't be scared of people's reactions now can I? Time to put those big girl undies on and stand for what we believe in.

So anyway.

My Mom and I had a tough meeting with the oncologist on Thursday which threw me. He is great but very brutal. I like honesty though but sometimes it's very hard to hear. I realise that this whole deal with my Dad may end in a less pretty way than I imagined. My little dream of cosily sitting at his bed side with my crochet reminiscing with him is not going to happen. Life is often grittier and than we imagine.

Often when we visit Dad,  we bundle him into a wheelchair and trot down the road to the local shop. Dad generally has a pie, the kids have ice creams and I get a small bag of Minties. It's a new normal, making lemonade memories out of lemons. And it's ok because it needs to be x

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