Aug 23, 2013


As of last week we have a new button in our family. He is so scrummy and I am very thankful to my sister for producing this little bit of goodness. A real surprise is how Luka loves his baby cousin. He wanted to hold him from the get-go and is very careful with him. I think he's going to be a very doting and loving big cousin.

Speaking of newness the blog has been cleaned up and sparkled since blog camp. I was i.n.s.p.i.r.ed!!! I have tweaked the blog, ok correction, I got my friend Evan, from The Co-Lab who is amazing to tweak it. If you need any media/ graphic design, he's the guy. He is super nice. He's married to my beautiful friend Meg, so he would be nice wouldn't he!

Also I have finally bought a digital SLR camera and booked myself into a photography workshop. And am going to the next blog camp. You have to come if you can. Vicki has information on it at Parents online New Zealand

Nat from Go-to-Girl has been helping me with all things social media. In my case, this just means face book... So please note the new social media buttons on my side bar which will link you to my super dooper face book page (and others). Nat was so easy to deal with, very knowledgable and talked in normal English rather than techie speak, which was so appreciated. I highly recommend her.

And I have to thank my lovely friend Simone from Greatfun Blog Designs for whipping up the social media buttons for me. If you need any blog design help, she is the one. Talented with a gift for understanding how you tick and then creating a blog to suit. Love her work.

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