Aug 1, 2013


Life continues to truck along in this our new normal. My Dad has left Hospice and is now in a private hospital. We moved him within the hospital this week to a room nearer the nurses for a whole lot of reasons. Suffice to say, he's in the wing where the critically ill residents are.

While this all seems incredibly depressing (and it really is), there is real joy right now. It's as if the darkness of the situation we are in highlights the moments and times of joy. They are sweet and shine so brightly.

My aunt is here. She's my second mother. She is feisty and loyal and very kind. She is my Dad's big sister. They share a long and deep history and in the lucid moments will reminisce in a way that is priceless with my Dad. I am so aware of the value of family and those relationships that are wholesome and good. Even within family there are relationships that are less than they should be and this just makes the ones that are good more precious.

My aunt is wonderful. She loves my children and understands me. She fits into our family unit with ease and things just flow. She is without value, because who can value something that means so much?

This is my aunt. Who brings such joy to me right now.

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