Aug 31, 2013

society calling

Sometimes I feel as if all the niceties in society that I grew up with are going. It makes me think...

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Here is case in point.

Today I was in a shop and picked two scarves for birthday presents. A handbag caught my eye (of course) and so I put my own handbag and the two scarves in a ball down on the display table next to me. I tried on the bag and walked a few steps away to ask the sales assistant a question about it. I turned around to gather up my scarves & own handbag and a scarf was missing. I looked up and a lady had it in her hand.

Me: Hi there, did you find that scarf on this table next to my handbag?"
Lady: "Yes."
Me: "Oh... it was my scarf I just picked it out and put it down to look at this bag".
Lady: " Well, you should't have put it down."
Me: (!) "Please could I have it back, I chose it for my mother-in-law?"
Lady: "We will just have to see if they have two of them"

I am unwell and feeling rubbish so here is where my normal behavior and I parted ways. Normally I would have said something like "Ok then keep it and good luck to you" and walked away.

Not today.

I reached over and took the scarf out of her hand and said "Honey, that's MY scarf and you will have to see if they have another one". Usually I would be shaking after an encounter like that. Today I was more concerned that my throat feels like it's on fire and so I walked calmly over to the till and paid. With my two scarves.

I called MJ and he stated how society has changed. How normally people would back off if they have made a mistake, like taking the scarf that someone clearly had picked. And this wasn't a sale time where it's every man for himself. This was a normal Saturday in a classy shop. It's as if the usual etiquette has gone and it's dog eat dog.

I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think? Are people as "mannerly" as they used to be?

P.S. And yes I am aware that I should have backed down myself. That lady just picked the wrong day to mess with me. I would have taken her DOWN had she resisted. I am feeling that rubbish...

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