Sep 29, 2013

a little slice of heaven

After a crazy week we escaped to our piece of heaven for a night. It was so good. I love that memories are being layered in this special place for the children. This place is steeped in memory for MJ as he has been holidaying here since he was a baby. I feel like this part of the world is in our blood.

We walked up the hill to visit Koru. MJ's dad adored this place and his ashes are buried on the top of this hill overlooking the water. Koru's rock marks the place and little Grace settled herself on that rock to gaze at the ocean. Koru would have loved that.

MJ shot a pheasant. So very proud of himself. We ate some of it tonight, must admit I struggled to swallow. I am trying to come to terms with it all- such a city slicker. I have a long way to go before I am ready to be a farmers wife. (For those like me, it died instantly. No feely anything!)

I love this place. And I am endlessly thankful we get to come here x

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