Sep 17, 2013

grateful for her

Growing up I dreamed of having a daughter. I wanted one so badly. After 4 aching years of infertility I no longer cared, boy, girl, alien, whatever. I knew we would have a boy first and then a girl but after Luka came home I did not dare to hope of another baby. I remember putting away his newborn clothes when he was about 6 weeks old and sobbing at the thought that we would never have another.

Fast forward to 12 months after Luka was born sitting in a clinic waiting for a 13 week pregnancy scan. Up until that ultrasound we were just so very grateful to even be pregnant we did not care about the gender. But when the little dot pictures were so clear that she was a she (how they can tell at that small who knows but they were certain) my heart skipped a beat.

A girl. A wonderful precious beautiful she. A bud of a woman. I love my little girl so much. As much as I love Luka but in a totally different way. Grace is all girl and a mini lion. She roars and is fiercely loving. I am so grateful to have been given the privilege of being her Mama x.

I would be joining in with Simone with the Grateful Project- but she is in hospital this week. Your prayers and kind wishes would be much appreciated by her I know.

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