Sep 15, 2013

my sketch

This week I have so blessed. On Friday I went to pick up the sketch made from this photo which is my favourite photo ever of my Dad and I...

I saw the sketch that Sarah (at did for my friend Simoney here and was blown away, Sarah seems to catch the essence of a person. I am lucky enough to know Simone's lovely children and Sarah "got " them. And that is exactly what I wanted. Sarah is so great to deal with as well and after emailing back and forth a few times I knew that I would love the result.

I love this. It captures the moment perfectly. The clutter of all that is happening around the two of us is gone and we are left. My Daddy and I. My most favourite part are my Dad's eyes, Sarah nailed them and when I look at this it's like I am looking into his eyes.

I can't recommend Sarah enough, if you need something special done, do it! (She is really reasonably priced too...)

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