Sep 21, 2013

she did it

One day this week, Grace decided that enough was enough. She moved out of nappies and into little girl undies. At last.

I am an elimination control parent. Luka was happily toilet trained (during the day) at 14 months. I thought the same would happen to Grace. But the toilet became a quest for control. It was an area she could use to exert control over her life. So on the advice of her pre-school teachers we moved her back into nappies about 6 months ago. I hated doing it. I love elimination control as it's healthier for "down there" particularly for little girls.

But we did it and with the fight for control taken away from my little lion, things worked themselves out. After making some little girl friends at pre-school the toilet ritual became a social event. All the 3 year old girls go together ( bless, it starts so young!) And we watched Grace watching the other girls go by themselves, with undies and all.

So we are suddenly nappy free. All I can say is thank goodness. Grace and I had a date today to go and get some little Schleich animals as a reward. This was a good lesson for me. My little girl will not be pushed and does things in her own time. Point taken my darling Grace, point taken.

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