Sep 10, 2013

spring victory!

Spring has sprung. It may be cold but every now and then you see a glimpse of new season. This is my very favourite season, fresh and hopeful. It has been a very dark winter for us. Icy and pitch dark at times.  At times I have wondered if our spring would ever come.

To be honest I have felt like I was in a vice grip this winter that was crushing me. The thought of losing both parents at the same time to a disease that mains and destroys has almost taken me down. There have been times I have struggled to get out of bed in the morning.

But last night was a good night. One that has breathed the warm sweet smell of spring into my heart. I have flung open the windows of my soul and am leaning out breathing so deeply.

My Mom had another good report last night from her oncologist. The tumours in her chest cavity have receded a little bit more to almost nothing. She has decided on no more chemo right now. This makes me so happy. Her battered and bruised body can rest, take stock and fight!

She is also finally on board with everything I believe in. She is under the care of the doctor here. I can allow myself to hope a little more that things may turn out ok. My deepest belief is that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made". And that if we give our bodies what they need to fight, they will. That there is nothing created as strong as our immune system and we need to help it to fight.

We have said so long to the oncologist for now. There's a scan in another 10 to 12 weeks and I pray that the news is even better. In the meantime my mother is building herself up, getting stronger and stronger. I am so happy!

Bring on the hope of Spring!

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