Sep 23, 2013

the good book

We are always after ways to get better behavior out of the small people. As any parent of pre-schoolers would know, life involves the loud and physical expression of many strong feelings, many times a day. We try not to shout and time out does not work with Luka.

So we thought we would emphasis the positive behaviour in the hope that this would motivate more positive rather than negative behavior. Cue the good book. A little notebook and stamp to record positive behavior.

If we see a positive behaviour we write it in the book and Luka gets to stamp the happy face next to the writing. We then stamp his hand. He then shows the teachers/ nana/ neighbour/ whoever. Likewise it's used at pre-school too and we then get to "ooo" and "ahh" over the record of his good behavior at school.

So far so good, he decorated the book and I made a little bag for all the book, stamp and pen. The bag goes everywhere and he loves the ritual of recording his positive behavior. Fingers crossed, it seems to be working!

Joining in with Miriam at Becoming the Mama I want to be.

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