Sep 1, 2013


When searching through photos recently I found a couple of my Dad that I love. This is my second favourite one and speaks volumes to me...

It was taken on Christmas Day 2005. It was one of the worst days of may life. We had been trying for a baby for two years at this point and had just finished our first IVF cycle.  I had fallen pregnant. I was pregnant for 5 glorious and amazing weeks until I was told that I would miscarry. I waited almost a week to do so and started miscarrying on Christmas morning.

My heart was shredded.

I had to hold it together as we had invited a lovely Korean girl over for lunch after church. So I held on. This photo was taken by me. And my Dad is looking at me with such love in his eyes. He knew what was happening and was pouring out his support for me with this look.

I cried buckets when I found this photo. My Dad is freaking awesome. Was and is.

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