Oct 24, 2013

an apple

In the middle of all the craziness we still have life happenings. Like little boys turning 5 years old (whoop!) and leaving pre-school behind. Luka's pre-school teachers are amazing. They have supported and championed him so I wanted to give them something special and personalised by Luka. The teachers ALL love coffee and chocolate so I thought of a mug/ hot chocolate/ chocolate gift in a personalised bag.

I made drawstring bags from apple fabric (apple for the teachers, get it? I am sooo witty but think I am the only one that will get this!). There is a little hand drawn picture by Luka sewn onto the front of each bag. He used fabric markers and did one for each of the teachers. Inside is the mug and bits and bobs.

Not the cheapest gift at the end of the day but I think they will love it. Actually who cares....I love it!

Joining in with my friend Leonie x

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