Oct 1, 2013

my dad's lioness

I fight for him. It's all I can do. As the disease progress he's unstable and falls. We think he cracked a rib and he's in pain. I could scream as this is all he has left- to be pain free. So the lioness emerges and I fight. With cakes and smiles and thanks I fight. Less moving and more pain relief please. Morphine to be given at least twice a day. The staff and nurses are amazing and they respond.

My mom and I watch him getting the morphine. And in time we are rewarded with a smile. A chat and brighter eyes. I promise him that he will be pain free but I am not sure if I can keep that promise. We bath him in scripture and the worship music he loves is always on. I pray over him and tell him how much I love him.

Can I wish that he will be taken home soon? I want to hold onto him but I know that our loss is his eternal gain. And so all I can do is fight right now, for him. For honour and dignity and love.

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