Oct 17, 2013


Hi there. This is Meg, one of Sammy's besties, popping in with a little update on her behalf.
Sammy usually has so many beautiful words, so for her to have run out right now gives you some indication of how things are.
Life for our wonderful friend is tough at the moment as she is working through the process of saying farewell to her darling dad. It has been a long and protracted battle and it's not over yet, but things have taken a turn and he is now entering what appears to be the final stages.
The next week will see his pain medication increased yet again to make the transition as peaceful and pain free as possible. It's unknown at this stage if it will take a few weeks or a month for him to enter heavens gates and family and friends are surrounding him as they wait.
So, if you don't see an update for a while please remember Sammy and the family in your thoughts and prayers. I'm sure she'd appreciate your kind comments even if she can't reply to them all right now.
Practically speaking if you are in Auckland and want to drop in a meal sometime over the next few weeks I'm sure that would also be appreciated.
It pains me to be in America at the moment but I know that those of you who are in Auckland will wrap Sammy up in practical love in whatever ways you are able. If you have any questions please send me an email on meg@awakeanddreaming.co.nz if you need more details.
Aroha nui xx

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