Nov 5, 2013


Darling Luka you are 5- 5 whole incredible and wondrous years old!

I am crazy about you Luka. I love you more and more and still more.

You have a depth to you that is amazing. You feel things so very strongly and you think deep deep thoughts. This makes things tough for you at times but I know it will be an incredible strength one day.
You are deliciously handsome and are very tall and strong.. You seem to get longer and longer as time goes on. May I admit that this is a relief, my honey, as you were a very round baby.

You are so focused on us, your little family unit. I love this so much. Your world is complete when we are all together. Lately your circle of love includes your nana and this has made her so happy.
You do not wear your heart on your sleeve and this is a good thing. Your trust is earned and once earned will be held.

I like you a lot Luka. That's different from loving you. I really enjoy your company, and love to spend time with you.

You have faced a lot this year my darling, judgement and assessment and health challenges. You have readily adapted and tried so hard to please. Well done my precious boy.

I am very proud to be your Mama. May this next year be filled with blessing for you.

I love you forever,  your Mama

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