Nov 25, 2013

helping clock

We have been working with someone to make sure we are giving the kids, particularly Luka, the environment he needs to be the happiest and most fulfilled that he can be. Luka is highly scheduled and likes routine and predictability.

The good book is a tool that has been amazing. It focuses on positive behavior and is such a motivator. Another fantastic tool that we have developed is a visual clock.

It divides the normal school day into segments, things that happen and the order that they happen in. There are 14 different pictures and each represents something we do. It's in chronological order from waking up to going to sleep at the end of the day.

It is SO great! It was so easy to make and we will use this for occasions/ events that could be stressful for Luka. Like our trip to Christchurch where Luka was in a state of anxiety the whole time. This could have been taken along and helped to "ground" him.

Both children love it. It helps them to understand what is coming next. There are no more arguments about what is coming next as it's on the clock. I move the clock arm from one activity to the next and so the kiddies can see what is now/ what has happened and what is to come.

I used thin plastic sheets (from Gordon Harris for about $7) and googled the images. It's stuck on the wall with drawing pins. Easy! And very fabulous.

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