Nov 10, 2013

On and on

This crazy insane year continues. I wish I could catch my breath and I am over being the needy blogger with a life filled with drama. Not really my style.

Luka started last weekend by gashing his wrist badly. The young doctor at the ER made a silly decision to glue the gash shut. At Luka's party on Sunday the glue failed and we landed up in the ER again on Sunday night. The night before Luka started school. Another botched attempt by the ER nurse meant eventually I took matters into my own hands early this week and used 500 steri-strips to close the wound. It's now healing.

Luka's party was wonderful. For him. For us, not so much. MJ and I dealt with warring birth families again, just like at his first birthday party. Five years has not softened the pain or bitterness especially for the maternal birth family. This is whole 'nother post. We have no idea what to do but this was the second major milestone of Luka's that was ruined for us.

The week before Luka started school was filled with anxiety. He struggled to sleep and chewed his fingers to shreds. Literally. So we had a plan to do half days the first week. This picture says it all, taken just before we left for school on the Monday.

I prayed that things would work out that the transition to full days would go naturally. And it did. On Thursday his teacher encouraged him to stay with the promise of a trip to the school library in the afternoon. Luka agreed and here we are. He seems to like school and I think the unknown was more of an issue than actual school. Yay!

Grace obviously felt left out of all the drama and got struck down by a nasty viral gastroenteritis bug. Oh and got bitten by something on her foot which got infected. This little girl has needed lots of TLC and I have had lots of washing to do.

On Friday I turned very old. Well, older at least. MJ and I had a night away in the city (leaving gastro girl with my poor mother and a friend). I had the best night ever. MJ and I have been together for 20 years, meeting on the 10 November 1993. Pretty much love at first sight and together ever since. Ok, together after I kicked the ex-fiancee to the side. Who dumped me and then when I met MJ suddenly wanted me back. What is it with guys like that?? Anyway, MJ and I have such fun together and it was a wonderful night out.

My weekend is ending with my Dad taking a turn for the worse, after rallying in the last few weeks. I wasn't sure how I felt about the rally to be real. For me it just seemed to prolong his suffering. The rally was short lived it seemed.

Well friends, I would like to leave this post with an upbeat little anecdote but all I have is that I have crocheted some dishcloths over the last day or so. While this may seem dire to most of you, it has made me very happy. I do like crochet. A whole lot.

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