Dec 16, 2013

brownie jars

I love to create and make things with my hands. But this year the business and my Dad have sucked the marrow from my bones. But when I know that what I want to do will save money I have a double reason- fun and thriftiness. And so I mash the time needed for it into my day.

At pre-school there are 5 teachers. They are all amazing and I love to thank them But when you repeat the thanks 5 times it can get a little pricey. And I wanted their Christmas gift to be awesome. They loved their coffee bags and so a hand made gift seemed to really be the way to go.

Cue the brownie jar. I stalked pintrest (there are a million recipes out there so I won't bother to repeat mine. Search on pintrest and be inspired)

My huge find was this blog- Lia Griffith. She's awesome with FREE customisable labels for printing. I love her style and you will too (you're welcome, friends!)

This was a good gift which the teachers loved and each jar cost about $8 all up. Pretty good value when I saw similar things in a plain paper packet at a posh food store for $25! Yes, I do stalk Farro's. They have good coffee, that's all I am saying.

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