Dec 12, 2013

concert funnies

Today was the last day of school and pre-school. There have been some shows and concerts to go to. Does anyone else find small children on a stage hysterical? I am so heartless but I just can't stop laughing. Other more tender hearted Mommies wipe tears from their eyes but not me. I find them so funny.

Exhibit A- Luka's concert. As a Year 0, he got to be a lamb. A lamb- my strapping son as a lamb in white leggings with black socks on his hands.... He appeared on stage totally overwhelmed by the bright lights and noise. And was stunned for the whole (really short)  time he was on stage.

Exhibit B- Grace's preschool concert. This is her second concert at preschool and she knew the drill. She is super loud and we could hear her singing over the top of all the other kids. Can't wait for next year when she is one of the older kids, HA!

Exhibit C- gymnastics concert. This was the funniest. None of Grace's class knew what was going on/ could do any of the moves. Watching their poor teacher try and control the class was like watching someone herding cats.

I need a few funnies and these really hit the spot. May the children never grow beyond making me laugh!

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