Dec 1, 2013

enchanted forest

I love traditions. One of my favorites is the special annual trip to get a Christmas tree ornament. Each child gets to choose one for themselves and so one day when they leave home they have a tangible memory of all the Christmas' we had together. This year I decided to take them along to the Smith & Caughey's Enchanted forest to see Santa as we have never been before. I also hate crowds **I can hear all the Auckland peeps sniggering**. I decided in all my wisdom to go early and be at the front of any potential queue. This wise plan was also adopted by all the other mommy and daddies of young children in Auckland.

After an hour and half we finally made it up into the Christmas grotto. This was truly magical. Sparking lights with a forest of trees. There were little peeks into Santa's workshop and the elves hard at work. We don't make a big deal about Santa and company and the kiddies were more impressed by the atmosphere and all the twinkling lights. It was gorgeous.

In due course (about another 400 hours) it was our turn visit Santa. As we downplay him the kids had no idea what a "list" for Santa was and that they needed to be good to get presents. Everybody was a bit confused! The Santa we saw was lovely. Very gentle and unassuming and not super scary.

After all of this palaver we finally sat down and had coffee and cakes. Luka and Grace chose their Christmas ornaments and everyone was happy. Especially my Mom and I who desperately needed a caffeine break. The kids were little troopers and we did have a wonderful time. Next time, if there is a next time, we will plan our visit around the times that smaller children have their naps.

And, I found MJ a gift that he will LOVE. He is so hard to buy for so when I find something that I know he will love, it really makes my day. He is going to f.r.e.a.k...o.u.t.! He loves Lubeck Marzipan and I found him a little cake of it. I am the bomb wife. Seriously.

Happy Sunday, friends xxx

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