Dec 25, 2013

ho ho ho and thank you

This Christmas is an odd one. We are a family apart as my Dad celebrated Christmas in the hospital. We went in to see him early this morning as he's only awake for a short time each day. He was asleep *sigh*. My sister brought in her keyboard and we sang carols to him even though he was sleeping. I am not sure our melodic offering was a blessing...!

So while Christmas Day is still here I want to say thank you. My blogging world means so much to me. I blog because I love it and you are all so special to me. The support I have received this year from the blogging community is incredible.

I am sentimental but I want to thank you. Thank you for reading and commenting and supporting and praying for me and my family. To all the lurkers out there (most of you don't comment and are actually American or German- guten tag and hi y'all!) thank you to you too. You rock x

(My cooking may be pitiful but I can pull a dessert off. Here we have tropical pavlova (toasted coconut, passionfruit syrup and caramel sauce) and his friend berry pavlova (toasted almonds, dark chocolate and berry coulis) YUM! I am off to attack the left overs.)

Merry Christmas friends x

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