Dec 3, 2013

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I wrote about Luka's struggle with the change from pre-school to primary school in this post. He was so very anxious. We saw this coming and have been working with someone on how to manage our little man and adjust our parenting to suit him and his needs. It's been awesome.

Thew first week we did some half days. Highly recommend this if your child struggles with change. The second week Luka had an ugly stomach bug so was off school for the week. This week included a vomit in Farro's (posh food store) pasta aisle and an occupation of their toilet for aaaages. Was fabulous and very humbling. Anyway.

Last week was been the first full week for him. And (huge breath) it was great! He loves the schedule and is responding so well. I think I have had the bigger adjustment to be honest. It's like learning a whole new language. The amount of paper and things you have to read and know are mind boggling. Every day there are notices and other mommies just seem to know things like every Friday there's a tuck shop so remember to send your child to school with a couple of coins. Otherwise they get to watch all the other children enjoy their sweets and ice cream. Mother of the year right here.

It's like a whole secret code. Does anybody else understand? Or am I the only mother who knows nothing? Take Friday. It was a trip to the zoo. The notice said "bring your child's lunch in a named plastic bag and don't forget sunscreen, drink  and a hat."
I had several burning questions....
  1. Do you put your child's actual lunchbox in the bag?
  2. Or put the separate food items in the bag? Then they get squashed?
  3. Do they bring their normal water bottle? Or a disposable drink?
  4. Does each child bring a tube of sunscreen? Or do you apply sunscreen before they go?
  5. Is the hat the school hat? Or not....
Yikes. Pre-school is a lot simpler. I have just started hanging around the classroom a bit early and asking whoever I see whatever I need to know. Then I sift through the answers, read the notices again and hope whatever I decide fits the bill.

I am just lucky we live about 30 seconds drive from the school as we can (and have) arrived at school, figured we are in the wrong uniform (sports uniform needed)/ don't have the school library books to return/ forgotten a form/ forgotten money/ generally been an idiot mother. And Luka has only been going to "big" school 3 weeks...

I am hoping someone else is like me. This can't be just me!?! I find it all rather funny actually and luckily Luka does too. He is only 5 after all!

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