Dec 6, 2013

picky eaters

Oh please read this. If you have a child that is a seriously picky eater, please read this. You will feel so much better and definitely less alone.

Grace is my hoover. She will try ANY food, all the better if it's off my plate. She likes sushi *be still my heart *. I have a passionate unending love affair with sushi.

But Luka. Oh sweet Luka.

Luka will eat:
  • Plain bread rolls
  • Marmite white sandwiches. 
  • Honey white sandwiches. 
  • Slices of peeled apple- without a hint of peel or no eaty.
  • The odd slice of raw carrot -very very very slowly... 3 slices took him an hour an a half the other night- no exaggeration
  • Hot chips- although not very many
  • Burgers- I did tell him the other day the burger patties were made of mince and he dry retched. True. So I am not sure if he will eat another burger, ever.
  • Meat- steak, chicken and lamb
  • Fish- praise Jesus for this one.
That's it excepting of course for sweets and cakes and biscuits. Of course.

I try not to take it personally but you know me... I had concerns that I did not feed him enough of a variety of foods when he was young but that is clearly rubbish. I have photographic evidence of him hoovering a kiwi fruit. See?

Oh my gosh, he was so cute!

Anyway. This article was so refreshing. That and paying a visit to my sister who's son is as bad as Luka. He spent months eating only butter chicken.

Ok, read on picky eater mothers! And feel encouraged!

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